Yes, please.

Do you ever wish you could smell like the most amazing Christmas tree ever? 
Well now you can with Winter from an LA-based company.


State Plates

The State Plates Project is simple--designers from each of the 50 states were asked to redesign their state's license plate. The MN plate is a bit overwrought and has the typical Allan Peters badge-ness. I'd like to see a simpler version.


New Human

On August 5th, we were joined by this new human. My human. Levi August. Holding this tiny, fragile person, knowing all the joy and pain he will experience, can be overwhelming. So I mostly just stare at him (and play, now that he's older) and marvel at his cuteness.

Photo credit: Alex Dubrovsky


The BEST maternity shirt

Dressing for pregnancy is HARD. Who knew? This shirt has been a life saver. It's the best maternity shirt I've found and it isn't even a maternity shirt. It's a viscose/linen blend T from Madewell and it's so comfortable and drapey. I wish I could wear it every day.


Mojito Monday

Nothing goes together like a summer evening and a homemade mojito. And though it's not summer yet (and it barely feels like spring), I'm focusing on warmer days. Mojitos are the one mixed drink I can make with any confidence, which means I make them all the time. Pro tip: they're even better with pureed strawberry, mango, or watermelon.


A couch that won't kill you

Okay, I'm being hyperbolic. Your couch can't kill you, but it can be a very unhealthy addition to your home. Ever since seeing this documentary about the toxic chemical flame retardants injected into foam in furniture and lots of baby products, I've been obsessed with finding a healthy couch. The 1975 California law that effectively required manufacturers to include these chemicals was changed late last year, which means in the next couple years more and more couches will be made without these chemicals. But I needed a couch now and it turns out most couches are still made the toxic way. I looked everywhere and made lots of inquiries. My saving grace ended up being a new, online company called Joybird. I was blown away by their customer service and the functionality of their website. They make their products in the US, without toxic chemicals, and they have an amazing return policy. So I bought this couch and it couldn't have been easier.


A February Resolution

I think I would benefit from a tattoo that says this. I have a bad habit of eating to capacity 
which is just so unnecessary! I also need to eat more veggies.

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