after dinner mint...on the front page!

My treasury made it on the front page of Etsy at noon today! This is a big deal... to etsy nerds like me.


desert star

I took a trip to Tuscon, AZ in March. The weather was amazing. I won't say more, but these are some of my favorite pictures. I kind of love the one of the Virgin and the drinking fountain, taken at San Xavier Mission.


new etsy shop!

My little brother (who is actually 18 and taller than me) has opened an Etsy shop. I think that's pretty cool. Please check out Fish & Lotus. Andrew is way more crafty than I am.

another pretty treasury


coffee terms

I work in a coffee shop and I kind of love it. Actually, I really love it. I saw this article in the NYT 
and thought I'd share. I'm familiar with almost all of these terms, but as a barista 
I should probably commit the rest to memory.


first treasury

Etsy has a feature called "treasury" that allows you to be the curator of your own collection of favorites. Once it's published anyone on etsy can view it and add comments. The key to a good treasury is good pictures. There are some heinously ugly treasuries--like a crochet doily threw up all over the place--but most of them have nice color themes. I created this one and I think it's really pretty!
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