chalk dust

I've been super into Dana Tanamachi's work lately. I was curious about her process, and 
then I found these time-lapse videos on her site. The results are beautiful, and they should be, because
she puts so much time and energy into the pieces. I envy her skills but not her sore muscles!


So Freakin' Cute

What makes the avocado so awesome? Is it the lumpy pear-like shape? Or the perfectly 
round pit, nestled in the center? The amazing taste and texture? We may never know, but Herman Marie
on Etsy gets it. Cut from wood and painted by hand, hang this 'cado on your wall to enjoy forever.


Gig Poster

I'm loving The Shins' new album, Port of Morrow, so I made this little 
poster for the one time I saw them in concert.
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