We Like Each Other (Engagement Pics)

A couple weeks ago we spent the evening getting our picture taken by Alex's artist/photographer coworker, Bethany. I spent several weeks looking at pics on Pinterest and was able to figure out what I did not want: cheesy, unnatural, and generally lame. So we went for awesome. And darnit, I think we got there! The interior shots were taken at Moose and Sadie's and Space150.

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Vintage Stamps

Back when the USPS was profitable—just kidding, I don't know if that was ever the case—or at least when people mailed lots of letters, stamps were a fine art. There are some amazing stamps from the 60s, 70s and 80s. And wouldn't you know it, my great grandmother and mom were both collectors so I recently got to dig through hundreds! These are some of my favorites for their distinct mid century vibe.


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