a very vintage holiday

  This is the first year I'm actually excited to do my own holiday decorating so I've started collecting/making things for the house. Our house was built in 1914 and has all the original woodwork so I'm going with a vintage/homemade look. I just bought these bottle brush trees from Haven Vintage on Etsy. I've got a few other things planned, including felt garland and painted pine cones. More to come!



I bought the ingredients for sweet potato souffle so it must be time for the best holiday in
November! This little Etsy collection is inspired by my friend Emma who lives overseas, away from
her family, and has an annual "friendsgiving" with her closest friends and some delicious foods.


joyeux anniversaire

I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my wonderful mum. She's the craftiest, kindest, most 
patient person I know and the list of things I have learned from her is many miles long.

(print from Matou en Peluche on Etsy)


American Jobs Act

This is my submission to the Obama For America poster contest to support the Jobs Act.
Alex served as my art director, because he's smart like that.
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