Call me, Maeby.

I'm a month and a half into my summer internship at OLSON. I've been delightfully busy and the learning that goes on ...I tell ya.  I kind of love it—the people, the atmosphere, and the work. You can take long lunches and swear as much as you want! My fellow interns are a fun, hardworking bunch, which is good because we spend a lot of time together. Who knows how long this complete satisfaction will last, so I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it for the time being.

Photo credit: my pops


Pixel Rose

I love this pillow from My Bearded Pigeon on Etsy.  
It's vintage and modern all at once. Kitsch and tech in one!


a collection a day (three)

Small misc. vintage items. This is my favorite collection photo yet.
These items were all collected from my Grandad's workshop. 
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