H N Y !

2012 was a big year! Made the leap into the design/advertising world with relative ease (preceded by lots of hard work, a little luck and an internship). Spent another year with my favorite person—traveling, working on our house, and getting into trouble. Ate some great food, bought some new shoes, occasionally went to the gym, and spent lots of time with my family and friends. A good year indeed.

Image from Plenty (via Behance)


Bar Tab

I recently purchased a vintage bar cart. This is a little collection of things I need to get it set up and stocked.

Morris Kitchen Syrup, Bar10der, W&P Barware from West Elm, Vintage MN trayVintage Ice Bucket,
Templeton Rye, Deer Painting


Yes, please.

I've loved this necklace from Yellow Owl Workshop for while. Maybe I'll treat myself.



I love old movies. While all other children of the 80s were watching Gremlins and Labyrinth, my parents were giving me in education of classic films, one friday night pizza party at a time. Casablanca is well deserving of it's ranking among the best of the best, and if you haven't seen it recently, get after it. Plus, Ingrid Bergman is just doe-eyed, Swedish perfection.



I'm not a very goal-driven person, but once in awhile I like to take on a challenge. This one is simple: 12 blog posts by the end of the year. I chose 12 because in both 2010 and 2011 I ended the year with 42 posts and I'm currently sitting at 30 for 2012. I must have been busy or something.

The amazing image above comes from the Hubble site, where you can download stunningly beautiful (and free!) images.


A Better Sweater

This is a craft project I recently actually completed. I used a merlot wool sweater that I've had forever and definitely should have retired several years ago. The longest part of the process was cutting the sweater into 3" long "leaves." I used foam core for the wreath base (it looks round, but it's actually flat!) and then hot glued the feathers on so that they overlapped each other evenly. And I did it all while watching Robert Altman's 1994 satirical look at fashion, Prêt-à-PorterA must-see for every fashion enthusiast or anyone who's really into the 90s.



A very pretty treasury from Etsy. Also, how are we already half way through December?

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