late to the party

Ok, I'm not sure how I missed this, but one of the editors of the much-missed Domino Magazine started an online mag called Lonny in late 2009. It's similar content, but primarily features a lot of over-done interiors. Still, you can get some good ideas. I don't love reading online mags, but in this case, it's worth it. 


closet visit


I stumbled across this amazing site, Closet Visit, on cargo collective. It's the visual record of artist Jeana Sohn as she visits the LA closets of beautiful and stylish women. I love seeing these women in their homes and gardens and closets rather than somewhere staged. They all have amazing collections of vintage shoes and jewelry (naturally) and it would be a dream to raid any one of these closets. 


final touches

Alex and I are working on a fun bedroom/closet improvement and once all the patching, painting, trimming, reorganization and refurnishing is done I can't wait to add some vintage and mid-century inspired artifacts like the sweet etsy finds above. And some air plants because they are awesome.


300th Pin on Pinterest

This isn't exactly a momentous occasion, but I just pinned this red 
dress, my 300th pin on pinterest. I have excellent taste.
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